Visitor Information

Visitor Information

Planning Your Visit

Scheduling Request

Use this form to request housing, meeting rooms, or other station resources.


The 2023 season rate is $40 per person, per night.
The discount rate of $30 per person, per night will only apply if affiliated with the University of Wyoming and paying via Interdepartmental Transfer (IDT).
Cleaning Fee
Per room reserved. (Fee may be waived if all checkout instructions are followed.)$50
Boat Use
Canoe or Kayak for research use
Per day (if not residing at the station)$5
Pelican 10' Research Boat
First 4 hours$100
Each additional hour$40
Buoy fee per night$40
Meeting Rooms and Lab Space (if not residing at the station)
For those affiliated with University of Wyoming or NPSNo Charge
All others - Email for accurate pricing.$50-200

Housing Placements

Requests are gathered and the first round of placements happens in the spring. At that time, all requests are reviewed and prioritized based on how well they fit the mission of the research station.

Housing location is assigned based on the best fit to accommodate the various researcher groups requesting housing at any given time. Though you may initially be assigned a particular building or room, this is subject to change up until your day of arrival. Researcher plans often change, and facilities maintenance is ongoing so this can mean last minute adjustments to the location of lodging for your visit.

Overnight guests (including friends and family of station guests) are not allowed without reservations.

What to Bring for Overnight Visits

  • Bedding – Sheets and blankets (or sleeping bag) and pillow.
  • Bath towel and toiletries.
  • Food – We do not have a cafeteria. We do have a refrigerator of free food that often has condiments, leftovers from seminars, and food other researchers left behind. To save you money and also help us reduce food waste, check the free fridge before shopping for food! See the Food & Dining section under Other Information for information on restaurants and grocery stores in the area.
  • Wet/dry/cold/hot weather clothes. It can snow any month of the year, so be prepared for anything from hot, sunny days to rain or snow. Bring a variety of clothing layers for all kinds of weather. Bring a swimsuit if you’d like to swim in the lake.
  • Bring fishing gear if you like to fish. A Wyoming fishing license is required to fish in GTNP. Fish do need to be cleaned indoors rather than by the lake.
  • Bear Spray – This can be purchased at the general store. Depending on availability, we have a few we may be able to lend out. Bear spray is not allowed in carry-on luggage, so if you are flying, either check your luggage or purchase it after you arrive. We will gladly accept donations of bear spray if you want to leave some for other researchers to use.  Read about bear safety and know how to correctly use bear spray. You can also watch the bear safety demonstration held at the station during the 2016 season.
  • Travel size first aid kits if you plan to do any hiking.

Directions to the Station

Get directions on Google Maps

The station is located at:

1 AMK Ranch Road
Moran, WY, 83013

Once you enter Grand Teton National Park, go past Jackson Lake Lodge and continue north past Colter Bay.

Turn into Leek’s Marina. Immediately as you enter the Leek’s Marina parking area, turn right at the UW-NPS Research Station sign and follow the road one mile to the station.

A bear cub holding on to the UW-NPS road sign
Sign pointing to Leek’s Marina
Big brown sign that says
UW-NPS Research Center sign

COVID Policies

For more information on COVID in the area, please follow this link to the Teton County website.

Cancellations & Changes

The full amount is charged for any cancellations occurring less than one week in advance of your expected arrival date. If you are a no-show or if you leave the station earlier than expected without providing a minimum of 1 week notice, you will be charged for the full visit scheduled.

To cancel or make changes to your visit, email It is important to notify us of any changes so we can accommodate others who are on the waiting list.

Overnight Visitor Forms

Sign and email these completed forms to prior to arriving to expedite check in.

Interactive Map

Check out our interactive map to explore the UW-NPS Research Station, see more information about buildings, and learn about the history of AMK Ranch.


You can view the weather data from Moran, the town closest to the station (about 11 miles away), or Yellowstone National Park.



Road Conditions

Sometimes it snows in July! Forest fires or falling boulders may also cause road closures. You can check road conditions, travel impacts, and interactive maps on the WYDOT Travel Information website. Road conditions and travel impacts are available via maps and

During Your Stay

Checking In and Checking Out

Aerial map of UW-NPS with a star on Johnson Lodge at the end of AMK Ranch Road
Guests should check in at the table outside of Johnson Lodge right next to the Garage (marked with a yellow star on this map)

Checking In

Check in is between 1 and 7 pm at the table in the covered area outside the Johnson Lodge. If you need to arrive later than 7 pm, you must notify us by emailing: This email will go to all relevant staff. If you email someone directly, they may not receive your email in time to notify onsite staff before your visit.

If you have not already done so, when you check in you will need to sign:

We cannot house you/your group at the station until you have signed these documents
When you arrive, please go to the check-in table in the covered area outside the Johnson Lodge and use the walkie talkie to contact the staff member on call. Staff will orient you to the station and get you settled in your room(s). Even if you are familiar with the station, you must check in with staff. We continually adjust housing assignments as needed to best accommodate all guests, so your building and room assignment may change before you arrive. We also do a brief orientation with each group to go over the most important station rules.

Late Check In

If you will arrive later than 7PM,  we will leave your check-in information on the check-in table outside of Johnson Lodge. If you have not submitted your forms digitally, you must read and sign the Waiver, Terms & Conditions, and Station Rules and leave them on the table for station staff to collect. A map will be provided with your housing assignment location indicated. If you are arriving during quiet hours (10:00 pm – 8:00 am), please be aware that you may be moving through areas where people are sleeping and be respectful.

In the morning, you must use the walkie-talkie at the Johnson check-in table to contact the staff member on call and gather your group so that station staff can do orientation for your group.

Checking Out

Check out time is 11 AM. Checking out includes removing all belongings from housing. Late check-out will result in a $50 late fee for each room reserved that is not cleared by check out time. At 1 PM, we will remove any remaining belongings.  Check out time still applies for groups using meeting space at the station on the day of their departure. To provide housing to all our guests over the course of the season, station staff must be able to clean and turn over housing for new arrivals.

To check out, complete all the tasks on the Checkout Sheet, and then leave the completed sheet on the table at the Johnson Lodge. Failure to complete all tasks on the checkout sheet will result in a $50 fee for each room reserved and for any additional spaces that must be cleaned.

Facilities and Amenities

The station is rustic. Most rooms have bunk beds and access to shared bathrooms and kitchens. Kitchens are fully equipped for your use – pots, pans, dishes, utensils, coffee makers, etc. are provided. We provide beds with mattress covers, but everyone must bring their own bedding.

Accommodations are in historic buildings, most built in the 1920’s and 30’s, and as such are not handicap accessible. Should the need arise, we will work with you to facilitate access as best we can.


RoomBedsLiving RoomBathroomKitchen
BerolKenneth's Room2 bunksNoYesNo*
Speaker's Room1 queen
2 bunks
JohnsonCellar4 bunksNoSharedShared
Downstairs6 bunksYesYesYes
Upstairs6 bunksYesYesYes
Kitchen2 bunksNoYesShared
LawrenceKitchen2 bunksYesShared with others in house
South4 bunksYesShared with others in house
North4 bunksYesShared with others in house
ShopCabin4 bunksNoNo*No*
SunroomCabin1 queen
2 bunks
TackCabin2 bunksNoNo*No*
Two RoomCabin4 bunksNoNo*No*
*If you are housed in a location without a bathroom and/or kitchen, you will have access to a shared bathroom and kitchen in another building. Cabins without kitchens have refrigerators, microwaves, and coffee makers but no running water. Rooms in Berol have mini-fridges, microwaves, and coffee makers.


  • High speed internet access is available in most buildings at the AMK.
  • The UW-NPS Research Library in the Berol Lodge has 2 Windows workstations connected to the UW library system.
  • The boat dock on Jackson Lake has kayaks, canoes, and life preservers available for check-out.
  • Lab space is available for reservation.
  • The Seminar Room and the Meeting Room are both available for reservation at the Berol Lodge. The Seminar Room can seat up to 80 people, and the Meeting Room has seating for 25 people. We have a large TV for hookup to laptops, and also portable screens and a projector.
  • Kitchens have refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, coffee makers, pots & pans, dishes, and basic cooking supplies and utensils.


During your visit, please follow the daily cleaning schedule below to keep facilities in good condition. Cleaning supplies are located in every kitchen and bathroom. If you run out, contact the on call staff person for more supplies.

  • Quick toilet cleaning.
  • Wipe down tub/shower area.
  • Remove hair and debris from drain in sinks and shower.
  • Take trash and recycling to the Johnson garage.
  • Remove all personal items from porches.

Phone & Internet


Cell phone access at the station is significantly improved from previous years but is not always reliable. Degree of access will depend on your phone service provider and your location when making and receiving calls. Land line phones are available for emergency use outside of Johnson Lodge, and in the office at the Berol Lodge. The onsite station manager also has a walkie talkie to reach Ranger Dispatch if necessary.


Grand Teton National Park has upgraded their infrastructure, so we now have high speed fiber optic internet available in most buildings at the station! In addition, two desktop Windows computers are available for guest use in the UW-NPS library in the Berol lodge.

Networks Available

  • UWyo – You can connect to the network using your normal UW credentials.
  • Eduroam – This network will work with any other non-UW university credentials that support edoroam (like CSU). Enter your full email address as the username.
  • UWguest – Available to anyone that connects to it and accepts our terms of service. If terms of service page doesn’t appear after connecting, go to in your web browser.

UWIT provides more information on these networks in this article.



If you need to receive mail during your visit, the mailing address to use is:

UW-NPS Research Station
PO Box 170
Moran, WY 83013-0170

Staff will pick up mail at the PO Box once each week and drop it off in the mail area in the Johnson communal kitchen.

Shipping Directly to the Station:

UW-NPS Research StationGrand Teton National Park1 AMK Ranch Road(AMK Road entrance is right before the Leek’s Marina Parking lot)Moran, WY 83013-0170
If you need to try to have something shipped directly to the station, we recommend using the address above and shipping via Fedex. We’ve had issues with other carriers finding the station and packages often end up being delivered elsewhere or being held off-site for pick-up. The station is remote and we cannot guarantee that packages or shipments will make their way to us successfully.


Boat Safety

Use of canoes and kayaks is at your own risk. Follow these rules and guidelines to stay safe while out on the water.

Before Setting Out

All users of station boats must bring a life vest and also sign out equipment before they leave. Life vests are available in the room at the northwest corner of the Johnson Garage. The log sheet is located at the check in table next to the room with the life vests.

For any excursion in the park, it is a good idea to let someone know where you are going and when you plan on returning.

While on the Lake

Wear a life vest at all times. Jackson Lake can go from calm and easily paddled to dangerous whitecaps very quickly. We strongly recommend that canoes and kayaks stay close to the shoreline or take the short trip out to Cow island. Do not attempt to paddle across the lake! It is further than it looks (at least 3 miles across), and changing weather conditions can make this a difficult and dangerous paddle, even for experienced kayakers and canoers.

Upon Return

Remember to return all equipment (life vests, boats, and paddles), and sign in on the log sheet upon arrival.

After Your Visit

Payment for Housing

Following your visit, you will be invoiced by email for the total amount due. Be sure to include the invoice number when making your payment online or by check. Please do not make a payment until you have received an invoice.

Online Payment

Click here to pay your bill on our secure site. After making your online payment, a receipt will be emailed to you.

Pay by Check

  • Make your check payable to: University of Wyoming
  • In the memo line enter the invoice number
  • Mail the check to:

Bonnie Robinson
UW-NPS Research Station
1000 E University Ave., Dept 3166
Laramie, WY 82071

Other Information


The research station is 6800 feet above sea level. Read about high altitude health issues and be prepared to prevent altitude sickness.

Food & Dining



Before purchasing groceries, we suggest you check the free refrigerator in the Johnson communal kitchen. It often has food leftover from seminars, condiments, and food other researchers left behind.

The Colter Bay grocery store (~ 3 miles south) stocks basic items and has a deli, coffee shop, gift shop and ice cream. The Colter Bay gas station on Hwy 89 also has a convenience store. Both are open late May through early October.

For more other options, drive about an hour south to Jackson Hole and shop at Smith’s, Pearl Street Market, Albertson’s, or Whole Foods.


Most restaurants are open mid to late May and close in early October. View restaurants and schedules. The closest restaurants are located in the following areas:

  • Leek’s Marina (1 mile)
  • Colter Bay Village (3 miles)
  • Jackson Lake Lodge (6 miles)
  • Signal Mountain Lodge (13 miles)
  • Flagg Ranch (16 miles)

BBQ Grills

The BBQ grills must be run by staff and are not available for guest use. If you have a special event and want to use the grills for your event, contact the onsite manager well in advance so we can plan for staff availability. An extra charge will apply.


There are no laundry facilities on site for guests, but laundromats are available at Colter Bay and Signal Mountain.


While researchers cannot have dogs at the station, there are some pet friendly places nearby. Learn more about pets in the National Park.


There are two phenocam locations nearby displaying current conditions. You can view the National Elk Refuge phenocam or the Pilgrim Creek phenocam (which is currently out of date, hopefully they update it soon).