Station Spotlight: Jackson Lake

The old AMK dock with snow-covered Tetons reflecting on the serene lake beyond it

Jackson Lake

Jackson Lake was enlarged by the construction of the Jackson Lake Dam, located on Teton Park Road. The dam was first constructed in 1906, but later enforced in 1911 but again enlarged in 1916 (USBR). The final reconstruction extended the lake thirty feet higher and the northern shoreline by six miles. The dam at Jackson Lake was intended to control lake levels for irrigation to farmlands in Idaho and was a part of the Minidoka Project, one of the oldest Bureau of Reclamation projects that would control the water flow from Snake River to the farmers in Idaho.

Those who have visited or stayed at the AMK Ranch know the wonders of Jackson Lake and all if has to offer. The lake is over 400 feet deep and approximately 7 miles wide. Jackson Lake is perfect for spending a day out on the water, watching for wildlife, and fishing for trout. With several different islands present in Jackson Lake, Cow Island and Moose Island are easily accessible from the AMK Ranch by kayak or canoe, but please always make sure to wear a life vest!

Written by Anna Cressman
PC: Anna Cressman