View Final Reports Submitted by Past Small Grant Awardees

View reports from past research at the station. For reports 1954-1976, go to the Jackson Hole Research Station Archives, and for reports 1977-present, visit the UW-NPS Research Station Archives.

Recent Research Supported by UW-NPS Grants


  • Lusha Tronstad, University of Wyoming. Understanding food web structure in high elevation streams of the Teton Range
  • Sienna Wessel, University of Wyoming. Predictability and stability of sagebrush-steppe restoration in a changing climate
  • Arielle Wimmer, University of Wyoming. Understanding the role of phenotypic plasticity in maintaining dominance and establishing populations of the New Zealand mud snail
  • William Fetzer, University of Wyoming. Developing a baseline understanding of gill lice distribution, prevalence, and infestation intensity in the Upper Snake River Watershed
  • Rebecca Thomas-Kuzilik, University of Wyoming. Behavioral plasticity of large mammals in the Rocky Mountains to heat
  • Alia Lesnek, University of New Hampshire. Quantifying rates of Quaternary landscape evolution in Grand Teton National Park using in situ cosmogenic 10Be, 14C, and 36Cl dating
  • Jesse Barber, University of Wyoming. Rewilding the night: investigating light pollution’s effects on bats and insects, and mitigation techniques
  • Katherine Gura, University of Wyoming. Variation in seasonal movements, habitat selection, and demography of an irruptive, facultative migrant
  • Natalie Smeltz, University of Wyoming. Geophysical investigation of groundwater & hydrothermal water interaction in the phase separation system at Rosette Spring, Sentinel Meadows, Yellowstone National Park
  • Chloe Mattilio, University of Wyoming. Multispectral UAS remote sensing to detect Dalmatian toadflax in a mixed sagebrush steppe on the South Fork of the Shoshone River
  • Jennifer Feltner, University of Wyoming. Intraguild competition and predator-prey dynamics following large carnivore recovery in the Southern Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (SGYE)
  • Chase Mahan, University of Wyoming. An Analysis of Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Archaeological Assemblages of Lithic Raw Materials