NOW HIRING! Summer staff at the UW-NPS Research Station


NOW HIRING! Summer staff at the UW-NPS Research Station 

We have job openings at the UW-NPS Research station for seasonal Summer Staff. Housing is provided at the station for these positions. We will begin reviewing applications on March 15.

This is a great opportunity to spend the summer in Grand Teton National Park, living and working at a field research station. We seek applicants who are comfortable working odd hours, and interacting with researchers and members of the public. The primary responsibilities of the job are day to day tasks that support the field station and the researchers living there – cleaning, checking in visitors, helping with public events, serving as an on-call person as needed, etc. In addition, however, there is time and support for summer staff members to pursue projects or interests of their own that will serve the station.

Interested in gaining research experience? Summer staff members can volunteer with different researchers to gain a breadth of experience, work specifically on one of the research projects being run by station staff, or work with the station manager to create their own independent project.

Other interests? Contribute to the station in your own way! Our facilities present a unique set of challenges for repair or engineering minded folks. Consider a public art project, investigation of a period of the station’s history, etc.

The ideal summer staff member will be a fully integrated and contributing part of the station community – inclusive, excited to learn, motivated, supportive, kind, hard-working.

Come join us on the shore of Jackson Lake this summer!