Leigh Lake

Deep purple sky reflecting off of a flowing lake at early dawn

Leigh Lake

Leigh lake is a popular destination for those visiting Grand Teton National Park (GTNP). The entrance to the parking area is found at the North Jenny Lake Junction. The Leigh Lake trailhead offers an easy 1.8 mile hike with breathtaking views and different angles of the mountains. You can also get to the String Lake Loop trailhead by turning at the same junction, just keep your eye out for the String Lake parking lot! This hike is an easy 3.7 loop hike which will offer great views of the different peaks.

If you are a more avid hiker looking for some difficulty, Leigh Lake trailhead eventually meets the Paintbrush Canyon trail. On this out and back trail, you can hike to Holly Lake, which is approximately 13 miles, or you can do the even more strenuous Paintbrush-Cascade Loop trail, which is approximately 19.7 miles total. 

When hiking both short and long distances in GTNP, please always carry bear spray and water. For those looking to do a more advanced hike like the Paintbrush-Cascade loop, be sure to prepare yourself physically and mentally. Take note of the weather conditions and pack the necessities! If you ever need assistance, call ranger dispatch at (307-739-3399).

Written by Anna Cressman
PC: Anna Cressman