2017 Grant Recipients

2017 UW-NPS Small Grant Recipients

For everything there was a season – phenology shifts in the Tetons

Trevor Bloom and Corinna Riginos (PI, Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative and Univ. of Wyoming)


Unlocking the role of beaver in state-transition and their own sustainability in Yellowstone’s northern range

Marjorie Brooks (PI, Southern Illinois Univ.)


The history of Exum mountain guides

Kimberly Geil and Y. Youngs (PI, Idaho State Univ.)


Field school for cultural documentation: Jackson Hole dude ranching folklife

Andrea Graham (PI, Univ. of Wyoming), L. Gabbert and R. Williams (Utah State University), G. Shankar and M. Kruesi (American Folklife Center)


Are we overlooking the eco-geomorphic importance of wood in braided rivers?: A case study in Grand Teton National Park

Alan Kasprak, E. Mueller, J. Sankey (PI, USGS, Flagstaff), J.M. Wheaton (Utah State Univ.)


Are all burns created equal? The role of fire interval on community structure in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Hayley Lanier (PI, Univ. of Wyoming Casper), Z.P. Roehrs (Laramie County Community College), R.S. Seville (UW, Casper), A.L. Wangeline (LCCC), L.M. Moore (UW, Casper)


Whitebark pine, snow and refugia in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

David Laufenberg and A. Hansen (PI, Montana State Univ.), D. Thoma (NPS)


Understanding wetland response to climate change in the Greater Yellowstone Area

Mary Levandowski (PI, Montana State Univ., NPS)


Nitrate control of nitrogen fixation rate in Western streams

Hilary L. Madinger and R.O. Hall (PI, Univ. of Wyoming)


Paleoseismic study of the Northern Teton fault, Wyoming

Glenn Thackray (PI, Idaho State Univ.), C. DuRoss (USGS, Golden), and M. Zellman (Fugro Consultants)


Establishing a long-term monitoring network for assessing potential climatic refugia in cold alpine stream types

Lusha Tronstad (PI, Univ of Wyoming), J.J. Giersch (USGS, MT), S. Hotaling (Univ. of Kentucky), L. Zeglin (Kansas State Univ.), R.J. Bixby (Univ. of New Mexico), D.S.  Finn (Missouri State Univ.)