UW-NPS Bat Week Giveaway Competition: October 24-31, 2023 

Bat Week 2023 (1)

UW-NPS Bat Week Giveaway Competition: October 24-31, 2023

Celebrate Bat Week 2023 (Oct. 24-31) with UW-NPS! The best way to help bats is to spread knowledge and awareness of their positive impact on our ecosystems. You can help by 1) learning about bats, and 2) sharing your knowledge. This week, the more you talk about bats, the more opportunities you’ll get to win a FREE 2023 UW-NPS Bat Week sticker (designed by Anna Cressman), and some other secret prizes! 

We invite you to join us on Facebook, Instagram, and X (@uwnps) where we’ll be posting bat facts, trivia, and conversation starters throughout the week. We challenge you to add a meaningful comment on every UW-NPS Bat Week post, and then share the post with your colleagues and friends so that we can get as many people talking about bats as possible. 

On Oct. 31st, we’ll have a drawing where 10 lucky winners will receive a free sticker! Each post you comment on AND share before 10/30 @ 11:50 PM MT = 1 entry in the drawing. This counts for each of our social media platforms, which means you could get 3 entries per day by participating on Facebook, Instagram, and X (Twitter). A couple competition rules:  

  • Comments must move the conversation forward, which means that single character comments don’t count.  

  • You must be following UW-NPS on at least one social media platform to be eligible to win.

Thank you for celebrating Bat Week 2023 with UW-NPS! Good luck!