About Us

About Us

The University of Wyoming-National Park Service (UW-NPS) Research Station is a cooperative effort between the University of Wyoming and the National Park Service. We are one of only and handful of field stations in US National Parks and by far the oldest partnership of this kind: in 2018, we celebrated 65 years of cooperation with GTNP.

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2023 summer staff

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote stewardship of Wyoming’s iconic landscapes by:

Inspiring Discoveries

Advance the frontiers of knowledge by creating unique opportunities for scholars in Wyoming’s iconic landscapes

Elevating Experiences

Enhance and expand opportunities for place-based learning for UW students, community scholars, and the public

Connecting Communities

Share research and learning opportunities that cross boundaries and foster cooperation, understanding, and discourse.

The Mission

To achieve our vision, UW students and faculty partner with the National Park Service and others to increase opportunities for research, scholarship, creative and cultural activities, and courses connected to Wyoming’s iconic landscapes and ecosystems, its Native American culture and heritage, and its traditions from ranching to recreation.

Contact Information

Main Office at the UW Campus

E-mail: uwnps@uwyo.edu

Mailing Address:
UW-NPS Research
Box 3166
1000 E. University Ave.
Laramie, WY 82071

Sarah Collins
Pronouns: she/her
Office Manager:
Bonnie Robinson
Pronouns: she/her


Station Manager:
Hilary B. Rollins
Pronouns: she/her
Office Assistant:
Shawna Wolf
Pronouns: she/her

 Research Station at the AMK Ranch

Open June through September

Mailing Address for letters:
Checked weekly.
UW-NPS Research Station
PO Box 170
Moran, WY 83013-0170


Address for shipping packages via Fed-Ex:
Let us know when shipping packages as sometimes they are delivered to the PO Box instead of the Station.
UW-NPS Research Station
Grand Teton National Park
1 AMK Ranch Road, #170
(AMK Road entrance is off the front of Leek’s Marina parking lot)
Moran, WY 83013-0170


Station History

Two long and detailed histories converge at the UW-NPS Research Station: the colorful history of the AMK Ranch, and the trailblazing partnership between the University of Wyoming and the National Park Service.  

Fun Facts

The UW-NPS Research Station is the oldest partnership of its kind, and the oldest field station in a national park.  

It is said that Johnson Lodge has two stories because Mae Johnson would not have her bedroom be on the first floor with so many bears in the area.  

Pencil-shaped architecture and embellishments in Berol Lodge are a symbol of Alfred Berol’s lifelong dedication to the family-owned Eagle Pencil Company.  

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